Battlefield 3?

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    Everybody has an opinion and I'm running it on a 360 right now. I wish I could have an overkill pc. Just no money overall pc is dominant over everything. I enjoy consoles but I envy pc. And that squad based play style in.mw3 won't.last forever. One man can run the show in COD. but one man can't kill a tank in battlefield. Battlefield has great squad gameplay if your teammates are good to responding to orders and what not

    Edit: and mainly MW3 is console based players. To me not one thing about Cod Has drastically changed in every battlefield game mechanics movement play style and gun reaction and physics all get overhauled what has yet to.change like that in Cod. I enjoy.both but BF3 is way more advanced and pace you make your own pace. Cod either camp or get killed by camper's
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