Zagg's Screen Protector Impression


Oct 30, 2009
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So on a wim, i went out and bought a screen protector from Zagg @ BB on the Droid's release date. After the application, i had a pretty poor reception of it, it was smudgy, made my thumb stumbled and so forth.. so i opted to remove the skin completely.

However, since I paid for it with no possible chance of refund, I went ahead and decided to slap it on back anyways and just get use to it. Got my replacement from Zagg in 2 days and slapped on the new one. Applied it by dipping the whole skin with its paper back into a soap solution for a minute, peeled off the backing, slapped it on the phone and pushed out the bubbles.

...I don't know what Zagg did, but the new skin feels incredibly different than my first one. It was very smooth and the orange peel was very minimal. I had no issues gliding my thumb back and forth and it didn't feel sticky whatsoever.. perhaps they made a revision in the skin? The only downside is that dust tends to get caught on the edges of the skin and they're a pain to remove; but you won't see them anyhow unless if its direct contact with sunlight.

The pic below is with the screen protector on.
I personally like the feel of the Zagg. Everyone has different opinions on what they like and I personally like the slight mylar feeling of those protectors over the Verizon style "stiff" or "hard" screen protectors.

As for the "orange peel effect", in my experiences, it goes away after the glue has completely dried (normally about a week after installation) in my experiences. However, I do have some friends who retained a little of the effect a month after installation but it was very minimal in my view.