Yay camera is working, now how do I get rid of the annoying sound?


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Nov 10, 2009
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I can't stand the camera click sound. It's so loud even when I turn the ringer volume down. Is there a way to turn it off?
Heya there,

first of all, the camera working thread is done like 4 times now, please use the search function for that next time be4 you post :D That would be nice!

For the silencing problem. i dont think it is implemented and wanted to get the camera totally silenced, in order to prevent guys from secretly take upskirt-or-whatever pics that theyre not supposed to do.

But Have you ever tried to silence the ringer and then try camera?
Yeah, I searched but never found a definitive answer. I would prefer not to have to silence the phone every time I take a pic since that is not my ringer preference but I guess I can deal with it if it's the law, lol.
Not only does my phone auto focus now, but it also doesn't make the shutter sound when I have it set on vibrate or silence. It really seems that Motorola or VZW updated last night because I was taking pictures yesterday afternoon all noisy and out of focus.
Shutter sound still goes on mine even in silence mode. If anyone knows a fix to this, please let me know. Searched and didn't find an answer yet. Thanks.