Yankees are world champions!!!!!!


Nov 1, 2009
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Thought that was off topic enough in a droid forum...


Maybe next year Houston will do better...
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27 baby!!!!

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As much as it pains me to see the Yankees world champs again, ( being the RedSox fan that I am), I guess they were due. So I guess I'll say congrats.
You're a much better man than I Madscotsman. As a Yankees fan, I would never say anything complimentary about your squad of goons. ;)

Seriously though - it's scary to think how dominant this Yankees team could become. All they were missing from the last several years was a super-Ace, looseness, and confidence. CC, and this championship should seal up those shortcomings for a while. I have a feeling - now that he has his championship - A-Rod is going to become what everyone in NY hoped he would.
How much more fun are the playoffs when the Saux are in it? I have to say I always hope for a Saux - Yanks ALCS. As much as I hate them, it seems much more entertaining when they are in the hunt.

Hopefully, we can steal Jason Bay away from them in the off season.
yankees... bah! didn't they go on strike in 95' also? thought so. that's why i haven't cared in 14 years.