X vs Incredible


Nov 7, 2009
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As one of those who purchased the DROID on launch day, I vowed wouldn't 'upgrade' until something truly worthy came along.

Then the INCREDIBLE surfaced, and I deliberated as to just how much of an 'upgrade' this new handset actually was, even using one for a week to help me decide.

Well after my 'trial period' was up, I concluded that (as nice as it was) it really didn't offer anything so far above and beyond my DROID that I'd be willing to switch.

Fast forward to the DROID X... The week before it hit retail, a buddy of mine who works as a Verizon regional manager called me up, and asked me if I'd like to try it out for a couple of days. I was very happy with the additional screen real-estate, the noticeable speed difference, the quality of construction, and the overall improved ergonomics of the handset.

Bottom Line: I'm Truly Happy With My New DROID X!