WTF!? You can't send Pic's with Audio?? Who can fix this


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Nov 11, 2009
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So anyhow i've been looking and looking for a app or idea on how to make my droid be able to send a pic message with an audio clip/song attached just like my old env2 could.... Apparently this is currently impossible, which does not fly with me. Can anyone who knows something inform me as to why this is, if it will be coming an option, if an app could fix this, or if there is anything i can do to make this thing do the little things they over looked? Thanks so much.
I have been scouring the web for a solution to the same issue. I had the env also. I used that feature often.
If enough 'noise' is made about the issue, I hope there will be a software update to fix the problem.
IMHO, not including that feature was rather idiotic.
ok dude so what i've seen so far is that you can get handcent app from the app store for free. then if you go to send a text you can go to attach slide show, then you can add a pic, and a sound file. However you need to have your music saved into the proper folder for it to display. it comes up with my standard droid tones right now. i need to look into it and if i figure it out i'll post. Hopefully this is a fix.
well i looked here for a min and i'm not sure how t get to the default sound folder. I connected teh phone via USB but i still only see the micro sd card. maybe bitpim or something like that will let me get in there. i'm not sure.
I'd like to let you guys know that after messing around i've discovered that you can in fact send audio and picture messages with your phone. i stated above i have all my ringtones and sounds on my sd card. well what you do is set them as ringtones on your phone, then it automatically adds that tone to the list of tones i can select when attaching an audio file. That's the only way i've found so far that allows me to see sounds on my card.