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Jul 16, 2010
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Hello.. Quick ????????? I have internet service at my home...... and I have a laptop and A desktop.. is it possible for me to get rid of the internet service at my house and use my Droid's Wireless Internet for the laptop/desktop... I figured try to save money why pay for internet service if I am able to use my usb cord and teether my droid and use my internet threw my phone on my laptop.... IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE Please email me and let me know... thanks
While it is possible it isn't practical as you will get substantially less performance vs. FIOS or Cable and it will kill your phones battery.
..wtf calm down first of all. And yes its possible but not reliable and will be very slow. Keep your internet service, tether when you are not at your house and when you really need it.
Try reading up on tethering. It's discussed quite a bit here. If you have problems finding relevant threads and other resources then definitely ask.
Very slow connection, when I first got my D2 I tried the hotspot and it was so slow. Keep what you got and use the tether when you have no other option.
I cancelled my home internet and I tether exclusively using Easytether Pro (although PDANet works too)

An option you may want to look into is using PDANet's bluetooth DUN. You can wirelessly connect using your phone and lappy's bluetooth. You can use a bluetooth adapter like you get with wireless mouses if your lappy isn't bluetooth enabled.

I have not noticed any major lag any more so than other times with cable inet, but I don't really pay too close attention to that.

I like tethering though, because it charges the phone while I use it.