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Nov 13, 2010
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Looking for an app that will allow for quick movement between other already open apps.

I am aware that holding the home button on most phones will allow for a toggle of recently open apps but what I am looking for is a bit different.

Looking for something that will take the double press of a hot key, say the options hot key and open a graphical menu showing the current state of the apps and allow a finger swipe to scroll through currently running apps.

I would make this app myself but am not very inclined to coding for an app and feel this is a good enough idea that someone might have already made this.

If an app like this does not exist, I feel it would make a good project for someone who likes to make apps.

If there is a delegate board on here to post ideas for app developers or a separate site that someone would reccomend I post this on to get it heard, please refer me.

As I feel this request night get confused with something else I will soon be posting attachments of concept pictures for clarification.


Sep 28, 2012
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Have you played with the 'M'? is this similar to what you're looking for? The rightmost button now brings up the recent apps window (full screen not like the little pop up of my 'X'. In this window a screenshot of each the last apps' view accompanies each app title. Flicking a recent app left/right removes it from history. Scroll up to view back even further into your app history. Very friendly interface imo.. screen shot in a sec. Below I'm flicking fishbowl out of the app history stack.

View attachment 56604

I've read other phones do it as well, but it's new to me.. diggin my M (tho no dedicated search & menu buttons have taken some relearning)
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