WIN 1 Motorola Headset (wired)!

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Nov 4, 2009
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Germany, Near Frankfurt/Main
Hey guys,

as announced in Those Videos
i will do a little Lottery Game to bash out my own personal wired Headset
from Motorola,that is included in Milestone packages. I never use any wired headsets, so i dont need that :) It was never used and is Still in original Packaging!

Who is allowed to take part to get this one?

- You have to Live in Europe or the United States of Amerika
- You have to be at least 18 yrs. old
- You have to be at least a registered user for 1 week
- you have to have 1 Post

What do i have to do to win?

1. Follow @droidforums on Titter
2. You Send the Following Tweet
Win a Motorola Headset for your DROID/Milestone, NOW on
2. Post your Twitter name in this Thread

Thats it ;) ill ship it to the named Countries for free!
The Contest will be there till the 4th of December!

Good Luck!

[NOTE]Mods, Admins and everyone working for Droid Forum - Covering all Verizon Droid Phones & the Motorola Droid is not allowed to take part

[NOTE 2]I dont take any guarantees for the Lottery Game and you dont have any right on claiming your win
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Was going to get a headset, now I'll wait to see how lucky I am. :heart::motdroidvert:
@MikeyDeezy, man it would be awesome to win this. I love these forums :)
brucinus is my twitter name.

"10 beers" is my Indian name.
Go figure ... Twitter ID = MikeDaGeek ....

And I do believe this counts as a post :)
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