will this work with IMAP email not just pop3?

I use 1&1 webmail and have only been able to do so with pop so far.
I am currently using 1&1 imap e-mail but using K-9 as the mail application. I tried to set it up using the default e-mail but it did not sync properly. I would constantly get messages that I had deleted on my work e-mail client (either the web-based one from 1&1 or Outlook). Have not had any issues with using it on K-9.

Here are my configuration settings within K-9:

Incoming server settings:
IMAP Server --> imap.1and1.com
Security Type --> None
Authentication Type --> Plain
Port --> 143

Outgoing server settings:
SMTP Server --> smtp.1and1.com
Security type --> None
Port --> 25
Require Sign In --> Checked
Authentication Type --> Plain

Also, once I had configured and connected to the server. All of the messages that were in my Inbox began streaming in. This process took a LONG time since I had over 1500 messages in my Outlook client. Might be a good idea to do some "spring cleaning" beforehand if necessary.
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yes, it will work with 1and 1 imap. I have yet to get it to work with my (large) company exchange server. Called company ip support. They won't support this phone yet for reasons they did not specify.
As I recall, I just followed the breadtrail for setting up a new account under the email app. The results were:Incoming server: imap server: imap.1and1.com, port 993, security type ssl. Outgoing server:smtp.1and1.com, port 587, security type None, check Require sign in. Hope this helps.
i get stuck at the pop username pop server

my email is [email protected] so I dont know how to import that into the account. when i did it threw K-9 i used Incoming server imap.1and1.com Outgoing server:smtp.1and1.com but i cant figure out how to do this way.
That's the problem. It is not a pop account. imap leaves the mail on the server. I use it on the phone so that I can read my mail during the work day, and have the pop account on my desktop for follow-up. You need to configure an imap account by using 1and1 as the incoming and outgoing server and imap as the type, not pop.
o thats probly why it only works with K9