will paypal for droid pro help


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Aug 31, 2011
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I just switched from blackberry to droid pro. I am reading this forum trying to feel my way around but im lost. I want to do a few things and I found threads on them but this is a new world to me. I will list the things I want to do and if someone is willing to take the time to walk me through I would not mind sending some cash via pay pal but I need some help.

1. I bought a droid pro that has a bad esn but was told it does not matter because I want to flash to cricket. One person told me I will not be able to roam in the verizon network area and one person said once flashed it does not matter, is this true or false?

2. I want to root my phone but I need simple step by step instructions in lamens terms.

3. I want to install the new gingerbread operating system on my phone but again I need simple instructions.

4. I want to unlock my phone to accept any sim from any carrier us or abroad.

5. I want to flash my phone to cricket.

6. I dont know what 602 means but it sounds like I need it..

I am using a mac computer if that makes a difference..​