Will pay for hack !


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Aug 5, 2010
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I am trying to get a digital audio output to the HDMI port.....

Class...Class ? Bueller ?
HDMI -is- digital audio and video if they followed the 1.4 specifications (Type D) ;)
HDMI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to this article there is a bit of fussing you must do to it to get the "just" audio to play though the port. No "hack" needed.

The music player also for whatever reason doesn’t play over HDMI when the cable is connected. However, with a bit of trickery I could get pandora or whatever audio I wanted playing over the HDMI out. Just fire up the music, then fire up gallery. Boom, all your audio will go over HDMI. It’s handy I guess if you’ve got an A/V receiver but don’t have a headphone 1/8” audio cable laying around.
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