Will leaving the Droid X connected to the comp overcharge it?


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Aug 16, 2010
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I put all my mp3 in my Droid X to give my computer more space and I want to play music on my computer by plugging the Droid X. The thing is will it overcharge the phone if i leave it connected to the computer all day?

Hopefully last reply, how exactly do you overcharge a battery?

If you're referring to memory artifacts, nickel cadmium batteries had those issues. Lithium ion batteries do not.

No worries. Plug in, be happy.
Turn it off, plug it in overnight, charge away and really see better battery life. Do that twice and you will be very hapy.
USB ports have lower amps than standard plug thus when your phone says it has a full charge it will technically have a full charge but will run out VERY quickly because the bsttery will have low amps.