Wifi Speed vs. 3G speed

Feb 23, 2010
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When connected to my wifi network at home I get about 1.3 down and about 1 up on my droid. On 3G I get just slightly less, about 1 Down, .7 up. My home network averages about 10 down, and 3 up on my laptop. Why the difference in speed?

At the office the speed on my phone more closely resembles the speed of the wifi network, and the 3g is pretty much the same no matter where I am.
Wifi speeds vary tremendously depending on distance from a router. In my home my wifi speed is about four to six times faster in my study next to my router than in my living room on another floor of the house.

That is true of both my laptop and my Droid. However, my laptop is also significantly faster than my droid in almost all situations. I assume this is related both to the quality of the hardware and the efficiency of the software in each device.