WIfi Error


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Dec 31, 2012
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Im trying to tether off my rooted phone using wifi tether. It never shows up. I go into my setting and see my wifi on/off icon is showing (error) also is i go into mobile hotspot on the phone it will not allow me to turn it on. Im running Verizon DNA 1.15.605.4 Rooted/Deodexed/Semi-Debloated/Busybox. My wifi tether on the phone starts up with no errors but i'm not receiving a signal out cause the network is not showing up on any devices in the house any help would be great, also i have followed all the instruction on the app like changing the device profile, mss clamp, router fix and so on. I read somewhere that the kernel would have to be set up to allow wifi tethering. Any help would be great