Widgets Freezing at Random Times

Jun 5, 2010
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I am now running BB v.3 and I have yet to see this issue, but when I had v.2.1 Froyo my Beautiful Widgets, LED Light widget, audio manager, etc would all randomly freeze. They would function alright from a systems standpoint (LED Light would turn on my flash and clicking on Beautiful Widgets would bring up the weather) but the clock on BW would be at a time two hours earlier, the LED Light widget wouldn't "switch" on the screen like normal, my other beautiful widgets (plane and silent) would function, but not turn green on the screen. Things like that. Not sure if this has been addressed elsewhere, but is there a solution for this, is it a known problem? If so, how do I fix? I am not using a task killer and I have my system set at normal (vs. Aggressive). I am using LauncherPro, but when I had 0.2.1 I had the issue with both LP and ADW. Any ideas?