why is the news and weather app so stupid and depressing?


Dec 13, 2009
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Yesterday I checked the news app and it said under health "sitting kills" then the week before it said "sleeping kills you" these claims are amazingly absurd..I would know my family is full of doctors and it almost seems as if they just wanna scare ppl
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Why is the local news on television so lame? You can root and get rid of the app, you can just ignore it or find another news app you like better.
I am a Newbie, and therefore still learning my way around my Droid and all the available apps, but as far as the Weather App goes, I prefer Weather Bug. The widget has a little bit of customization to make it look better on your home screen. I haven't found a good news app yet, but I totally agree that news app blows.
Personally.... I like it. Gives me somehting to do when I am super bored. Keeps me somewhat informed on things. Plus you can add your own news topics... yes sir, i like it.