Why go back to stock for the OTA?


Jun 16, 2010
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Jackson, TN
Why go back to stock for the OTA? Just wondering the reason behind peoples motives to go back to stock.
People are getting the OTA because they have no IDEA what they're doing...
I'm sticking with my rooted rom. I did the same for the 2.1 update, although I did briefly touch base with the stock rom when I went through instructions I put together for RSD Lite to make sure it all worked. I was probably on it for all of 30 seconds:)

I find that the wifi tethering has saved me some grief a couple of times.

I also find that SetCPU and its profiles allow me to better manage clock speed and therefore battery consumption. That combined with tweaks to rooted roms like not pinging for wifi as often as stock settings makes my phone last longer.

I imagine many going back to stock want to try this official rom, just as many rooters have flashed many different roms...and some have done this many times in a single day too. Check it out, if its good all is well. If not try another flavor. Don't like the rooted one, go back to stock. Life is good, Droid Does.
Pete has already released a rooted version of the OTA 2.2 update. I have no idea why you would go back to stock, unrooted 2.2.
Why go back to stock for the OTA? Just wondering the reason behind peoples motives to go back to stock.

It seems my situation is unique. I would love to remain rooted, overclocked and running custom roms. Unfortunately, my Droid will not run froyo roms for some reason. They always cause my Droid to freeze and become unresponsive. And yes, I have wiped data and cache multiple times before installing froyo roms. I have loaded low voltage, standard voltage, kernels running at stock speeds, and nothing has worked. My Droid runs 2.1 roms just fine.

Therefore, I have unrooted and gone completely stock to ESE81, in preparation to get the official update. I fully expect the update to make my Droid unusable, at which point I will take it in to Verizon for a replacement under warranty.