Why can't Qik be smooth as Ustream?!


Apr 21, 2010
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Or why can't Ustream have an app as good as qik, and have a nice easy to use website like qik!!!!

I love qik's new UI and the app to record video, and I really like how simple their site is. I also love how you can share the video by just clicking on a contact! but their stream is HORRIBLE!!! it cuts out all the time, and this is on wifi!!! on the other hand ustream is as smooth as it can be, but their app just sucks and their website is confusing! it's so easy to go to someone's webpage on quick (Username on Qik | 9 videos recorded with mobile phones) with ustream it doesn't really work. it takes you to a webpage like tweet, but u gotta click on the name to go to my stream! :(

just ranting... I don't ever use it, and doubt I ever will LOL