What's to come by January?

Oct 4, 2010
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So I'll be upgrading this January and I've been wanting a Droid for a long time. Right now the Droid X and Droid 2 have killer features that I want in one phone. I've heard a lot of talk about new phones during the holiday season.

Hot specs...
1.0Ghz + Processor
2.2 Android OS or higher
Amazing Battery Life
Physical Keyboard
8MP+ Camera/Recording
Large Screen /w High Resolution
Buy one get on free deal for the wife!

I've had the Samsung Omnia i910 for a long time now. The one thing I miss more than anything is a physical keyboard. I enjoy texting without having to look at my phone. The touchscreen, at least on a Samsung Omnia, is incapable of blind texting. The keyboard and OS leads me towards the Droid 2, but the Droid X has many enticing features as well. However, I believe we'll have some sort of update available by January. So what are the rumors?

(I'm sure you've answered similar threads before, but as you can see, this is my first post and I'm not finding exactly what I'm looking for)
Dude no one knows if we did it would probaly be in the new section. My sis who works for vzw an she said they where gonna have allot of cool stuff by jan. as far as smartphones go.
Coming from the omnia myself, I can say the touchscreen itself is the biggest upgrade. The speed of the operating system was a close second. I couldn't wait to unload it, congrats on holding out so long.
One thing that i noticed is that you can get pretty good at typing on a touchscreen. I know many people that have moved from a hardware keyboard to a full touchscreen and are very happy. There aren't THAT many choices out there, and it may be a good idea to widen your gaze (which it looks like you may be doing by looking at the X).

I am very happy with the droid2, but never use the keyboard. I will be ready for an upgrade this christmas too.

So, as far as rumors go, this is what i am expecting:
-HTC evo-like device (you may have seen the pics of this)-supposedly coming to vzw
-Moto T2 (which is a blog-given name i think)-Tegra 2-based. Nothing else known
-ZTE high-end smartphone?

These are the only things that i have heard. Someone chime-in and add to this if needed. You may like the droid pro with the front portrait qwerty. I don't.
So we'll have to wait for more rumors. Or a surprise release like the pro was.

Didn't anyone have any idea the pro was going to be shown? This one surprised me. we usually see some type of leak.
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