What's stored on the internal memory?


Apr 21, 2010
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I have 28.73mb left in there... not sure what I can delete or anything to make some space (the low on disk space thing popped up)

any ideas?
Why are you worried about internal memory? Do you mean in the system or in the data. You must have a lot of apps to fill up the data partition because I have a whole crap load and I still have plenty of room.
There must be... I know Ti backup backs up close to 200 but that's with all the other default stuff. I have bunch of games too (assisin's creed, modern combat and alike games) the SD card has 12 gb free
Your application caches use up internal memory, like the browser's cache can easily get over 10 mb with even some average browsing, and same with the android market cache, and youtube caches.
You can see how much space each app is taking up by going to

Settings -> Applications -> manage applications

Then press the menu button, then choose filter, then pick "all"

hit menu again, and choose sort by size.

Click each app and inside there should be a button that says clear cache. Be careful not to hit the "clear data" button, as that will erase important information stored in your app.


There are cache cleaning applications on the market, which will make this process less of a journey
My browser used to take up less than 4 mb, now it's around 11mb and I've cleared the cache already. What happens if I clear the data? Do I just lose my bookmarks, etc.? Why is the data memory so high now?
Clearing caches may free up space temporarily, but once you start using the app again it will fill right back up. Your best bet is to either delete some unneeded apps or move some of your apps to the SD card. Not all apps can be moved and it is suggested not to move widget apps.