What to do BEFORE rooting Droid X2?


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Jul 4, 2011
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I've been reading for a few weeks on rooting my Dorid. But I do have a question that I can't seem to find a clear answer on. I've read that I need to make a backup before rooting so that I can restore the phone to it's origional state if I ever need to. But the instructions for the Gignerbreak don't mention that. They say "you can simple uninstall the Gingerbreak application and remove the root from your phone."

I think I'm ready to root, but want to make sure that it's really as simple as the Gingerbreak instructions make it look.

This is the webpage that I was looking at getting the Gingerbreak from:
| Root Your Droid | Your #1 Android Resource: How To: Root Droid X 2 (Gingerbreak One Click Method - App Download)

Are the instructions about the backup for an older phone that was rooted manually or something? I seem to be seeing 2 different methods. But I've read that the Gingerbreak is the only way to root an X2. Am I on the right track to just install the Gingerbreak then install Busybox and Superuser.apk from the market?