What the HELL is with the dust specks under the glass???


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Nov 9, 2009
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Second Droid I've gotten, and the second Droid with specks of annoying dust/dirt/whatever underneath the physical glass so I cannot remove them in any shape way or form.

Most of them are RIGHT on the edge of the LCD and the black border... So for most it wouldn't be an issue at all, but I'm very OCD with my electronics and I don't pay $300 ***ing dollars for something for it to have defects on the display.

I'm taking this back, and I won't be swapping it for another Droid. Not taking my chances, why go through the same grief? I'm cancelling my contract again, before i get slapped with the $36 activation fee and usage fees.

BTW... This is unacceptable Motorola.

And to all you guys, I AM NOT bashing the Droid - the thing is freaking awesome and so much fun to use. But until Motorola can produce these phones with proper workmanship and quality control, I cannot and will not.
Posts like these really make me wonder. Am I missing something? I have no idea what you are talking about.

This, the Wifi, the GPS.. all these issues people are naming just make me shake my head. I have NONE of these issues. Am I lucky or is everyone else crazy?

Well I do not have any of those flecks under the screen, and it's weird that this is the second one in a row that you've had this happen with. But it does seem a bit extravagant that you would return and cancel a contract because of just this. But to each their own. :) I do with you luck with your journeys.
Extravagant?? I don't follow... Am I demanding diva because I ask that my $300 phone doesn't have a defective display????
^ Question; Did you buy it at a Verizon Store? And if you did, did they give you grief/trouble about exchanging it???

Part of the reason I want to just cancel instead of exchange is, I'm afraid they'll tell me I'm crazy and they cannot see any dust... BUT I CAN SEE IT
Could this be a dead pixel or pixels your referring to? Do you have a way to post a close of pic of your screen so we can see what your talking about?
Nah, dont' have a digital camera - but they are NOT dead pixels cuz you can see them even with the display off.

They are debris underneath the glass.
I also find it amazing that my first and only droid just plain kicks arse with no problems.... yet others seem to have a problem just looking at theirs lol
2 in a row? Not buying it....

Post up some pics.
I believe him... My 2nd and 3rd iphone's were replaced due to Dead Pixels/Moisture.. and again had issues bad enough on a later one to make 3 total replaced by bubbles....

(I went through 8 iPhones but know that I was truly unlucky and that it wasn't normal for most to have my issues!)