what ROM and Kernel have the best Flash Player Performance?


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Sep 17, 2011
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as the tittle says what ROM and Kernel give the best possible flash player performance?

also is there any specific tweaks to improve flash player performance?(compcache size, etc...)

right now i am using Miui 1.9.16 with Chevy LV 1.2Ghz and the flash player performance is very bad(sometimes the video don't even load, just the audio)

i am using WiFi so internet speed shouldn't be the issue. i also run Stability test for almost 1hour to verify stability

i previously used Liquid GB 2.6 with CorCor v3 and the performance flash performance seems to be good except for occasional freezing, hang when my phone is idle for a long time

i also cannot find any download link of CorCor v3 kernel anymore

i think developers should focus on improving flash player performance

i know the hardware is not the problem because HTC has specialized there software and can run flash videos without any problems with worse hardware

any recommendations would be greatly appreciated