What is the longest wait time you had for the market update after getting 2.2?


Jun 10, 2010
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I have three phones. Phone #1 was done last night and the market update was right almost at the same time. Phone #2 and #3 were done this evening. Phone #2 appeared to get most of the apps back within 30 minutes, if it was not sooner. Phone #3 didn't. In fact, I had downgraded it to 2.0.1 then brought back up to 2.1. # of apps were probably the same as the other two. However, it has been almost 2 years and I couldn't even get Google voice downloaded (automatically).

Is something wrong with the hardware or the weather (100 degree)... Please share your insights.

Thanks. By the way, there were some apps I had to download manually but most of them were picked up rather quick... that's why I am confused.