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Oct 27, 2010
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Virginia Beach, VA
ok so i got my self the GTS several days ago, so my question is why is it so hard to crack this tab. kindle and many others have been cracked but yet GTS has no good ROMS or the whole os file incase you want to return to stock, this tablet has potential once rooted i just wish more ppl would work on this...
If you do some searching in google there is a DJ11 OS file out there for recovery purposes in case you mess up. I had to do a full recover from the OSa few days ago. It was a life saver. There are also a handful of ROMs as well, nothing like Droid phones but better than stock..
Thanks cause i been looking around but did not know what i was looking for. Im used to the DX so i kind of figure it would be a bit easy. Once again thanks for the info i appreciate it...

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