What happened to my contacts?!


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Nov 11, 2009
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So I got my Droid on Friday.. Best Buy didn't have the connector to transfer my numbers from my old phone to the Droid..... All my Facebook contacts were on there though.. and some with phone numbers etc... then today I went and get the numbers from my old phone transferred.. they transferred but my facebook contacts were gone.. so I was messing around trying to get them to be in my contacts again and went into contacts -> menu -> display options -> tried checking only contacts with phone and then all my contacts were gone.. and I cant get either facebook or the numbers I just transferred from my old phone to be in my contact list.

Sorry it's a novel.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Oh, and it's really weird because when I get a call or text it shows the name of the person from the contacts from my old phone. but when I go to contacts it says that i don't have any. Any help??
Anyone have any thoughts? Or should I bring it into Verizon or something?
Ok, sorry to keep posting on my own post.. but I figured out through Gmail how to get my contacts back on.. but my facebook contacts won't show up in contacts.. I have it set up to sync with Facebook and what not.