What do I need to change to make Update.zip work in SPRecovery?


Dec 4, 2009
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So, I ported NexTheme over to PEv4.2 a couple days ago, and all day today I was trying to make an update.zip to flash it using SPRecovery or RZRecovery. But I failed miserably.

I tried it in RZR without renaming it to update.zip AND tried renaming it update.zip. Neither worked. Aborted installation.

Tried installing it in SPR after naming it to update.zip and making sure I selected "allow update.zip (deprecated)", and it wouldn't work there, either.

As a last attempt, I tried flashing it using ClockworkMod Recovery (without renaming it update.zip, by the way), and it worked.

So, my question is, what do I need to do differently to make this work on SPRecovery or RZRecovery?

Is it something in the update-script? I'm at a loss right now. I did sign the package using the tools from the Android-sdk, so it wasn't a lack of a signature...

I'm confused! Help!!!