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May 30, 2011
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Hello everybody....
I have been a Blackberry user for years..
I am getting new phone. Really looking at the droid.
What is your suggestions?
All help is greatly appreciated..
Used alot for web, email, and txt.


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Nov 18, 2009
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Do you have to have a physical keyboard?

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Nov 27, 2010
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Welcome to the forum. Hmm well, so much to choose haha...I'm a D2G lady but I also have a DX and a Xoom. I like them all but my Global I love the most.

sent from my Hawaiian Xoom...ALOHA


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May 18, 2011
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Short Answer:
The Droids (X2, 2, 2G, etc.) are all good. Personally I prefer Motorola models due to their extensive history and support. Also, if you are going to make the move, do it soon, Verizon is doing away with their unlimited data plan ($29) in June.

Long Version:
I was in a similar situation. I had been a Palm user for as long as Palms have been around. My latest was the Treo 755p. My concern was not so much the phone, but how to move 12-15 years worth of data from my Palm into a new phone/desktop app.

So I looked at a new phone from that perspective, not hardware. Although I did want a phone that was a reliable brand with lots of app developers.

I spend about 6 weeks looking, downloading, and evaluating the various options. It amazes me how far ahead of it's time Palm was for the business user. I found several apps that were similar, but usually were dependent on Palm Hotsync, or such. The goal was to get away from the legacy app and find something that could stand on it's own.

I emailed Palm (HP now) several times sugeesting they create a Palm app that would run on the various popular phones like iPhone and Droid. They really need to get away from being tied to hardware. They could make a fortune selling a Palm desktop/phone app that Plam followers could easily move to.

Anyway, to make a very long story short, my requirements were;

- Local sync only. USB or inside my WiFi network (no cloud, on-line storage, etc.) I do not want my data going anywere besides point A and B (both under my control).

- It had to import my Calendar, Notes, and Contacts from Palm.

- I did not care for the iTunes interface nor did I want to use Outlook, so the product had to stand on it's own.

Sorry to ramble, but it took me along time to get here.

I decided on the Droid X, then heard the X2 was coming out in a few days, so I now own an X2. I thought the large size was going ot be an issue, but I am really glad I went with it. The screen is easy to read and overall the size is only 0.6" longer than my Palm.

Now that I found a solution I can live with for my work data, I can speak on the other Droid ammenities.

This is an amazing phone. There are so many apps for any one subject it's hard to choose. This is more than a phone, it is a swiss army knife communications tool.
I am impressed (and that is hard to do).

But, (you know there was one of those coming), it does have a semi-steep learning curve. I have had my Droid X2 for 4 days now. I figure I will be completely comfortable with it in a couple of weeks. I have loaded some very useful apps. They are easy to load and cheap (or free).

The first time I got a call on the phone I did not know how to answer it ! (Doh)
But when I figured out I had to slide the green button, not just press on it I was good to go.

It is true what they say about the battery, It goes pretty fast. Reminds me of the old brick phone days when you had 8 hours of standby and 30 min talk :)
It's not that bad, but still another step backwards at the price of bookoo options.

I hope this info helps.