Weird problem with connecting droid to my pc


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Apr 16, 2010
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I know about mount my droid when my phone is connected threw USB, buy here's the issue. I see the drive on my computer but when I try to open it it doesn't see it. I even downloaded Motorola Media Link and same thing it tells me it sees the device buy never connects.

When I do pull down my notification bar and select to mount it, when I scroll the notification bar back down it still says select files to/from your computer. Don't know if that's normal since it has never connected yet. Any help help will be great.

And one more issue. If my laptop is off and my phone is connected to my laptop still. When I turn on my pc it won't into windows it stays on my hp screen. When I unplug the phone and reboot my computer it boots fine.
I don't have the answer but I do have a simular issue. Sounds like you are using Windows XP. I mount just fine on my Windows 7 PC but have your problem on my XP PC.
I see you say you are seeing the drivers, but are you sure you have the latest drivers for your PC? That seems to be an issue with a lot of people who own PC's and have difficulty mounting their Droid. Sorry, I have a Mac so I don't know where to find the drivers. Maybe someone else does.
I'm using windows vista. I went to the motorola website to get the driver its there but no option to download. I'm going to the verizon store today so they can handle this problem. I deal with computers all day its my job, don't want to mess with this gets on my nerves. Thanks for the help guys.