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Jan 5, 2010
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I realized today that the weather channel app is much better than the free version of weather bug (don't know about elite). I tried to look up the hourly forecast because of the snow we're getting in nyc, only to realize weatherbug didn't have it. So far, the weather channel app seems to have everything weatherbug has, and then some. The icing on the cake though is that weather channel doesn't open up by itself, which is great.
Weather bug elite does have the hour by hour forecast. I like it better then the weather channel app. actually, i think it's the best weather app. It has a widget 3 day forecast. Overall, i think it trumps the weather channel by looks also.
Yea I use Weather Bug Elite too and am really happy with it. Here's the 3-day widget that cisco0910 mentioned.
that widget is nice, but I have weather widget donate, so I don't really need another one. I might try out weatherbug elite though, just to see. Does it constantly open by itself? I don't want it running in the background (im talking minus the widget of course)
Beautiful Widgets weather is good enough for me... I have the weather channal app if I need more detail...
not sure what you mean bout constantly opening by itself? It has option on how often you want weather updated. Yea, test it out. Check out the other two widgets, there's three total. If you don't like, refund.
well I use atk to kill apps after I'm done with them. Everything i want running like email and widgets are all on the ignore list. Weatherbug wasnt on the ignore list because I would only check it once every couple of days, unless the weather was acting up. But it would always be running in the background after I closed it. Its not a huge deal, but I try to make adjustments to keep my battery life good. I removed droid coupons for the same reason. That app always wants to run, but I see no reason why it should be going all the time.
Yea I use Weather Bug Elite too and am really happy with it. Here's the 3-day widget that cisco0910 mentioned.
mines blue, I like it better your color. To do that, is that what everybody be talking about when they "metamorph"?

Well it could be included in a Metamorph theme, but I edited the app myself and just changed the background images for the widget. If you're interested, I'll write up what file and images to modify. You don't need to be rooted to do it either.
I wouldn't purchase anything from Weatherbug. Every platform I've come across their products are trouble from spyware in computers to resets in smart phones.

I'd go with the Weather Channel. I've been running the free version with no issues since I got my Droid in November.
Received a couple PM's about the WB background, so here's how I did it.
Note this is for the Weather Bug Elite Widget only.

Copy /data/app/ from the phone to the PC.

Open with WinZip, 7zip, etc.

The two image files in file to edit are widget_230_100.png and widget_forecast_ls_bg.png.

Extract those two files, change them to your liking, (or use the ones I attached) and drag them back into the

Upload the modified back to /data/app/

If you have the Elite widget on your home screen, deleted it and re-add it. It should be black now.
Ok, after a reboot the widget doesnt load and its not in the list of widgets forcing a reinstall of weatherbug.
Hmmmm. Try another reboot. It should work. You didn't rename the .zip, right? Just leave it as it is. What do you mean "forcing a reinstall"?