We have 2 new Droid's


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Jul 11, 2010
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Hi There,

Well, our family has joined the smart phone revolution. My step daughter last month got an iPhone for her birthday from her fiance and now that she's on his plan, we can afford to upgrade our phones.

Since we are with Verizon and like it better than AT & T, we bought droids on a buy 1 get 1 offer. I've had mine about a week, and my wife decided she wanted one too a couple days ago.

Still learning about battery usage and app management, looking for a balance so I can use my phone without it dying 1/2 way thru my day...

Also looking for a twitter app that allows me to follow lists, like I do on my laptop with Tweetdeck.
I'm sure that there are many people here that can help you.
For battery/app management, have you searched on the market for a task manager yet? They will help you control what tasks/apps are running in the background and keep system memory free for other usages. Certain tasks can sap battery without you even knowing. One of the most popular is Advanced Task Killer, or if you are willing to spend money Advanced Task Manager the free version is supported by adds.
I am currently using TaskPanel X.
Have fun and don' forget to ask away, someone will always be here to help.
Yes, the manager at the Verizon set up Advanced Task Killer when I got my phone.

I'm wondering if there are ways to prevent apps from auto starting in the first place? Some I'll never use, or will only use once a month.