WARNING- AndroLib.com infected with Rogue AntiVirus


Nov 13, 2009
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Odessa, FL
DO NOT navigate to the AndroLib website for the time being. The site is infected with the rogue anti-virus called Anti-Virus 2010. You do not need to click on anything specific there to activate and install the rogue. I have had it happen on two separate occasions, now. Rogues are quite annoying and difficult to remove. My Norton Internet Security Suite didn't detect the intrusion, nor the infection afterwards. I used MalwareByte's Anti-Malware software to remove the first infection. I manually removed this most recent second infection. For more info on this rogue, Google "Antivirus 2010".
Been visiting it. Still clean.

Was just there before I saw this post and I have not noticed anything malicious but thanks for the heads up
I went there last week and got tagged by the rogue. It took me an hour to get my computer cleaned of it. I just went there again tonight, thinking surely it was a fluke...I didn't even click on anything there, and got slammed again.

If you get tagged by the rogue, it's quite obvious. You will get a fake window pop up that starts "scanning" your computer and finding dozens of "infections" right away.

I may have been particularly vulnerable since I haven't done a Windows Update since last September, but my Norton is up to date and didn't detect it.

Who knows how it selects victims, but it's definately on that site.
i was on there this afternoon and i was "attacked" by something but my Norton did block it (it was recently updated so that might have been your issue) but there is definitely something still going on that site
Avast has prrotected me a couple of times from that site over the past few weeks. Of course, using a non-Microcrap browser doesn't hurt either.
If you get tagged by the rogue, it's quite obvious. You will get a fake window pop up that starts "scanning" your computer and finding dozens of "infections" right away.

The only safe thing to do when this occurs is to use task manager to shut down your browser. If someone can program the [ok] button of a popup to install something they also can program the [cancel] button to do the same thing. For that matter they also can program the X button to install instead of canceling the pop up. Alt-f4 to close the window but then when you try and leave the bigger main-page the pop-up comes back. Task manager (right click on the task bar at the bottom of the screen) lets you just kill the process or task.
I got it this past Thursday as well. Found a site that told me how to kill it. I went on AndroLib again today, without anything jumping out on me, but I'm keeping a close eye out...
Ive had this twice in the past week and it is a pain in the a** to get rid of. Now i know where i caught it thanks for the heads up.
i was on androlib today, and came out without issue. i only use firefox to browse the web.
I've been on that site a few times today, and probably every day fora while, and have had nothing untoward happen. No pop-ups, no viruses, nothing.

Of course I'm fully up-to-date with my OS & anti-virus (I agree Norton sucks), and haven't used IE in years.
i was just there again, only using AVG, and firefox. no issues, not even a warning from AVG.