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Nov 12, 2009
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I searched and did not see the link to this ap as a stand-alone thread. Metickmod has added the dsp equalizer in this rom:


For those wanting to get to the source, here is the link to another forum, and the info on this equalizer. I hope this is ok to link to another forum besides mydroidworld, and if this is inappropriate, Mod's, please let me know of another way to do this. I feel this needs some exposure.

[APP] Android DSP (Equalizer) for Froyo - Android Forums

As to the application it works very well. Please note that you must perform a backup, and be rooted to get this. The backup is necessary as one of your audio library files will be replaced, with no way to go back other than manually reinstalling your stock audio library file, and manually deleting the apk, or restoring a backup. This is not yet like a regular market ap.

It appears to work across many of the roms and stock (rooted) update files. I just installed on FRG22 with no issues. But, I was unable to get this to install with sprecovery in any way (renaming to update.zip). I HAD to use rom manager. Please also note that some users reported crackling in the upper volume range with certain other aps, but there is a switch in the dsp manager to address this.

I think this is pretty significant news for us audiophiles, and most certainly we should start to see this application across the roms, as the dev. appears to be properly part of the open source project.

Thanks, and good listening,

This looks nice, I am going to try it out
I'm going to check it out too. I've been waiting for something like this.
Let me bump this back to the top and say it works beautifully, right along with the stock music player, I did also have to install it via CW recovery but all I have to say so far is.....NICE
Had to reinstall Swype and I do notice the crackling in the higer decibal ranges but coming from no equalizer to this is a huge step
Cool. My guess is that as the zip file is a signed one, renaming to update.zip for sprecovery is not gonna work. That and the developer appears to be working with Cyanogen on this, my guess is rom manager/cw or no go.

It would not surprise me to find that something might break as far as apps, namely 3rd party, as one of the audio library files is being tweaked in some way. But, so far no problems with what I have installed, although I have not tested extensively.

I am surprised with all the talk in the past about No Equalizer on Android devices that this thread isn't getting more attention.

This blended right into the O/S of my Droid, seamlessly
BlackDroid has released his new ROM with an audio settings section. It has a Dynamic Range Compression setting, five bar equalizer, and a Virtual Room Effect filter for headphones. It's built into the new UD eXtreme 6.0.0 ROM over at BlackDroidMod.com

Pretty cool and useful at times. About time people started getting into it.
Oh great another fantastic app i cant use (not rooted). I am thinking once the Evo's froyo is rooted i'm gonna have to give it a shot. Eq, been wanting one for a while...nice find
icculus, I am guessing this is the same thing, DSP Manager, phone speaker and headphone jack five bar equalizer, dynamic range compression, reset to default option, room option and it looks and feels like it came stock...as you said, it's about time
yes, the developer is working on this from/in the cyanogen source, so anyone who is building from that tree would likley add this to their rom, UD included. Not sure about folks using another source tree like cvpcs, as to whether we will see it.

The fact that it will run on other sources, like my FRG22 (Moto source) and all of the other roms listed in the thread on the other forum means that it can work for the other dev's. My suggestion would be to point the developer that you like to use to the project, to see if they can incorporate.

My guess is that as this hack requires the changing of a factory moto library file, this is not gonna go the market route, which likley means rooted only. This sucks for non-rooted folks. It is almost as bad as not having a functioning equalizer right from the get go. I never could understand why our music experience was so badly handicapped, nor why it was not at least addressed in 2.01 or 2.1. I don't have any experience with Iphones or other smart phones, but my guess would be that this is included as a standard feature?



Unfortunately it appears to be a dead end now, unless you choose a rom which integrates. The developer has moved to source, and even at that has noted he will not develop further on his own. I still have V14 on my sd card, and it looks like folks have tried to push V15 to their favorite roms, but I am not seeing an easy way for the new user to snag 14, or 15 for that matter. Perhaps you can follow the links to the git hub, and sort out what needs to be pulled down for v15? Over my head.

And the Dev has surrendered the code to CM and therefore it has to be built into the ROM. Nice. I guess we need to pester the Devs until someone makes an independent version of it or at least every ROM has it.

Yuppers. I had to bounce back to FRG22D from CM6 to iron out some bugs, and I just reinstalled V14 of the equalizer. I think I like this older slider version better. It would be nice to see someone pick up the ball with this ap, but methinks that the skillset needed is a little different than the usual rommer/developer/hacker. The developer sure has some audio skills/knowledge.