vrz screen protectors are no good...because..


Oct 30, 2009
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the stupid step 2 tab on every one of them won't come off and then leaves white paper stuck on the bottom. getting my money back from those that's for sure!:mad:
Very bad quality . Not the exact size and attracts fingerprint and dust like scotch tape!!!!!
anyone suggest a front of the screen protector solution that i can overnight order?
I agree the vrz screen protectors are not as good as ones I have purchased from other manufacturers.

They seem to be thicker & not exactly the right size so it cannot be completely adhered along all the edges & corners.

The ones I've purchased before are thinner and certainly very protective. I got ones from Boxwave (ClearTouch Crystal) @ boxwave.com
I got the 3 pack from verizon store, the ones for the droid, yeah they have finger prints but very easy to put on and NO problems with the screen, and got them for $10
I guess I was lucky that VZW was out of screen protectors when I got my Droid. I couldn't be without a screen protector so I went to bestbuy and picked up the ZAGG invisishield and had the person there install it for me. It works great, very little smudging and fingerprints and there is a life time guarantee.

My friend told me that the screen protector he bought from VZW is already peeling off.