VR Goggles for Nexus 6 made out of cardboard?


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Apr 2, 2010
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Well, it should work quite well. There's not much to it. The software does most of the work. All the cardboard devices do is provide a way to hold and align the lenses to your screen, give you a way, externally to the cardboard to make selections on your phone by either magnetics, Bluetooth or NFC, and a pair of lenses that are set to I believe it's 40mm focal distance. The better ones give you focusing capability since a fixed focal system like the cardboard will require that you have 20/20 vision in both eyes, whether corrected with contacts or Lasik or another method. I don't think they leave much clearance for actual corrective glasses.

You can even sample it by doing the fool your eyes system and getting the two images to merge into one without the cardboard system. You do this similar to how you view the magic eye drawings, by placing your nose to the screen and relaxing your eyes, then slowly pulling the screen away from your eyes. You want to concentrate in the image in the middle and try not to show your ewes to converge. It causes your eyes to stay pointing straight ahead and each one looking only at the image directly in front of them (the combination image that your eyes create in the center of the two left and right images on the screen), and overlap 100% rather than what you brain wants them to do which is to converge and focus on the same point based on the distance away from your face, causing the images to separate and not overlap completely.


For an even cheaper way to do it, go to the local drug store with your phone and go to the reading glasses kiosk. Starting with the highest power readying glasses they have on the turnstile, place then on your face and then bring your phone up in landscape mode and see how close you need to place the phone until you can focus. The closer you can bring it to your face and still be in focus the better.

I take several pairs and put them on at the same time to raise the collective power. With the glasses you can view the virtual reality 3D without anything else.


Download and check out this VR behind the scenes photo shoot. Wow....

ELLE Jacquie Lee Photo Shoot - Android Apps on Google Play

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