Vote for the droid vs Iphone

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having an iPhone for years and the Droid Ive seen what idroid cant do.

Funny, I just went the other way. Picked up the Droid, even though I have to pay an ETF with AT&T, will never look back. I never had any problems with AT&T to speak of, been their customer for years, but Apple pissed me off with their 'we know better than you what you want to do with your own device' crap.

Voted, I'll keep it a secret as to which way I voted tho ;)
The Droid is a real toy. The iPhone is a child's toy.

For this generation of phones anyway. Who knows what the future holds.
I picked the Droid for 2 simple reasons. Number 1 and most important...the network (it's a phone first)

Number 2..the ability to fully customize (right out of the box. No rooting or jailbreaking so it's an even playing field)

I would have said 3 but the 3rd reason is more subjective so that doesn't count...I like the styling of the Droid better. It's a more masculine/rugged looking phone.