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Nov 16, 2009
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I got a voicemail from someone a few days ago but the icon is STILL up...i have called my vmail countless times only to hear, "you have no new voice messages...". i always delete them and the icon typically goes away, but this one seems to like me...how do i get rid of it?
I've had this same issue. Tried battery pull....nothing. Notification icon still there...
You have to factory reset your phone for it to go away.

When I got my droid I sold my BlackBerry Storm and was without service for less than a day. Within that day I got 7 voicemails. I checked them all when I got the droid but the notification was still up. After having it up for some time now I decided it was time to try a factory reset. It worked, the icon is gone and has not showed up. I use Visual Voicemail as well...I don't know if that is a conflict or not.

Hope this helps.
I'm having the same issue as the OP. Has anyone found a solution that does not involve me erasing the phone?

I've tried everything besides the hard reset.

**Did a search and only found this thread. Figured I would post here rather then start a whole new thread on the same issue.
Try leaving yourself a message in voicemail, then go check it and delete it. This typically fixes the problem, this is an issue with the VZW Voicemail system, and not the Droid. Doing a battery pull only fixes it until the phone is notified again that there is a (phantom) message.