Voice Search update themed (incognito inspired)


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Feb 8, 2010
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well with the update today 8/12 it seemed i need to get a proper update to this!! after opening up the apk I saw there was alot more to this app than meets the Eye i was quite impressed!

but anyway I went ahead and themed it! I did alot of re coding to the entire apk to give a nice Incognito look with Black and whites and some grays thrown in. I also put in some easter Eggs see if you can find them!!

Screen Shots!






Download: remove Voice Search from system apps and or un install any updates or versions of Voice Search! the apk is in the zip file. Download, extract and put the apk on your sd card and install using a file manager IE: Astro! the update zip is breaking the apk right now! so this is your only option!

Download VoiceSearch.apk

Dont hesitate to tell me I suck either!!!
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I got the new voice search and I'm lovin it and when I get home I will download your version because it looks really nice and it will go along with the theme I have on my phone

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lol'd at the email to yourself...silly wabbit : )

looks great bgill...you're on fire.
I might as well say this here! if you would like to use this in your theme or rom. go ahead this is a standing permission!! no need to ask or give credit! I dont care either way!! enjoy!!!
What xml file did you change to get the text white?
What xml file did you change to get the text white?

there is about 5 different xml files that i edited. different xmls change different parts of the text which one were you talking about
This is great, but for some reason it makes the app have no icon in the drawer