Voice mail connection to problems with the 2.1 OTA


Apr 16, 2010
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Hey all... I recently followed the advice on here to do a factory data reset. Both my wife and I's phones were completely different in a great way. The speed was excellent, no ghost calls, no calls that you couldnt answer. But something different happened today. I have read on here with problems after getting a voice mail. Well, Im now one of them. I missed a call today while I was in a meeting, and they left a voice mail. No big deal right? Wrong. It took 5 tries to get it to call my voice mail, then when it went through it wouldnt let me bring up the keyboard to enter my passcode. Finally after more than a couple attempts I got through.
BUT..... AFTER I was done the phone turned into a slug. It wouldnt do anything at all. I would swipe and nothing happened...I thought it was locked up but then boom...it finally did. It was for the most part a brick. So I restarted the phone. Hey I got my phone back. Everything is great. Then I got another voice mail. Back to brick mode.

Anyone else having this problem????