Voice Dialing does not work with Bluetooth


Nov 11, 2009
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I confirmed from Motorola's site that you CAN NOT use Voice Dialing from a Bluetooth headset. Major bummer, I used this all the time with my 8820 BB while driving.

In Moto's defense, this is an Android "feature". You cannot do this with any phone with the Android OS.

I hope Google fixes this soon.
Yeah i mean right now you can't but it might come to the phone later on. I only use my BT to talk on, i just hate the amount of menus you have to go through to call someone.
I AGREE it can be a PITA to make calls in your car , however you can use the best feature on the phone ( imo ) just setup a icon on the home screen for Voice Search and use that as a voice dialer . press it , and say " Call John Doe Mobile " and it will go out and dial for you .... easy peezy! 1 touch ( sometimes 2 touch ) dialing . :icon_ banana:
This is a known issue for the droid with Verizon and will be addressed in the December software push.
Hi Do you have a link to the list of fixes in theDecember software push? I have another 24 days before I have to return the phone and I am certainly willing to wait to december if the bluetooth is going to be fixed. Otherwise I'll probably send it back


So right now DroesDoesNOT dial via bluetooth. Hoping in December or January it goes back to a DroidDoes campaign.
Feature - No bluetooth dial

The inability to dial via bluetooth is actually a feature. It's the GTFOTPAD feature 'cause half of you can't drive between the lines anyway.:icon_ banana: