Voice data at same time for closed captions


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Nov 15, 2009
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I'm hard of hearing and would like to use Hamilton Web Cap . Hamilton Web-Cap is a service that will send closed captions to my screen while talking to the other person. Basically I would see closed captions displayed on the screen in real time while conducting a two way conversation. That’s the best I can explain about the Hamilton Web-cap.

OK, seen a demo of this Verizon Eris today. I asked if it would do voice and data at the same time. The rep used his BB storm-1 and the other rep used the Eris.
Both of Versions’ Rep's connected talked and sent text at the same time while talking to each other. I checked out both phones they were using just to make sure, but they were texting each other while talking, not sending data. It did work though, but I’m not sure if texting counts as data? I’m not sure how this would work with data from a server on the net, or if it can even be done on CDMA. I don’t think they ever understood what I meant to begin with. They though I was talking about TTY. It's not TTY.

I know the Iphone can do this on a GSM network. Here is what most people don't know about the Iphone. The Iphone does not meet FCC laws and guidelines for hearing aid compatibility. Actually it has no hearing aid rating at all from the FCC. It does not work with hearing aids. I know I tried. Sorry to ramble. back to the subject.

Someone mentioned using WIFI data and voice. I take it I could receive data from wifi and talk at the same time. But not receive data on the G3 CDMA network because I would be using the voice . Is this correct? If used wifi for data then it should work maybe...?