VLC Remote

OK. I'm working through this. My /http folder and .host file were in:


So in VLC's Preferences>Interface>Main Interfaces>HTTP settings I put 8080 and /usr/share/VLC/http in the required fields, as stated in the guide. You have to click over to view All settings rather than Simple settings to get to this.

It says that you should edit .host to allow for non-local connections, but doesn't specify how to do that. There are some lines that I can uncomment, but I'm not sure which one's the right one.

I'm assuming I'm going to need to forward port 8080 in my router. I'm gonna have to try to remember how to switch my computer back to a static connection rather than DCHP, as on my last fresh install I lost those settings.

In the VLC Remote app settings I'm probably going to want to choose Add VLC Server and plug in my computer's network IP (192.168.0.#).

I'm gonna have to head to work and mess with this later. I hope that this may help other people who want to use this app. Would be nice to control movies from my couch on my phone.
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