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Jan 11, 2011
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I've been told that the emulator in the SDK will allow you to view your work in progress without having to push the APK back to the phone, reboot and then see how it turns out on your phone. I've been doing that with the Music.apk (as practice still) and then adb push it back to the phone. Now if I'm just editing regular PNG image files then I don't have to do anything special with it and just adb push it on top of the other Music.apk and then open up the Music to see the colors I replaced in it especially on a widget.

But when it comes to trying .9.pngs or editing xml or anything else then I'll have to do more than just adb push it and sometimes adb pushing it is not good for it, I guess.

I was trying to get the emulator to work but it specifies that no Android Virtual Device was found then went to the android development site to find the solution and picked up a bit of info that I need Eclipse to work with it, I think. Problem is, I have no idea how to set up the AVD Manager through SDK and then Eclipse. There's got to be some kind of better program that allows you to drop an APK or open up a whole theme into it and view all the progress like it is on your phone, and see all the images, apps, everything the way it is detailed in the APKs or whole theme.

Also, the SDK I got was from another person apparently because it has a bunch of saved Galaxy stuff in it and I don't have a Galaxy. I have the Motorola Droid 2. I tried some commmand lines from the android development site and it was bringing up a bunch of Galaxy stuff. This is some weird crap. I guess I should get rid of this SDK and install a fresh android-sdk-windows and try again?
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