Viewing old messages through Exchange Sync


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Nov 11, 2009
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I've finally been able to sync my corporate calendar and email using the Droid's exchange sync feature. However, it seems I can only view the messages that have come through on the phone since activating the sync. I can't view any of my old messages stored in my account prior to activating sync. And what is even more frustrating is that I can see all my folders listed, but can't see any of the actual old emails inside them! Am I the only one experiencing this? Is there a fix for this? Thanks!
Couple things may help...

If you were not previously on Exchange, you would need to import your .pst file from Outlook into Exchange...
If you were previously on Exchange, the data is already there, you just haven't had the phone "pull it".
First, go to Settings/Accounts & Sync/choose exchange acct/Account settings/amount to synchronize and make sure you are pulling more than just the last day.
Then, when in an exchange folder, hit the menu button and choose sync. I had the same situation and that pulled in all the emails for whatever duration I had set in paragraph above.
You need to do the "menu/sync" in each folder - I was kind of surprised - but, it worked for me - give it a try. Once they are there, they stay there until they roll off due to the "amount synced".
Just reported this bug to Motorola last night...

The folder menu doesn't "refresh", you have to go in to each folder and "refresh" to pull data. LAME! It only "pushes" email for your inbox! You have to force an update for any / every subfolder, including your sent folder!

If there isn't a fix or another program I can use that is better... I am going to drop this phone. Does Touchdown properly support subfolders? If so, I am going to make Verizon pay for it!! I was mis-informed of how the corporate email works on these phones. I am not going to take it lying down!