Video zoom - magnification using binocular questions on the Motorola Droid .


Nov 13, 2009
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San Francisco Bay Area
Here's my question. Since the Droid has no zoom capacity, what would happen if you put the lens of the Droid up to the eye piece of a quality set of binoculars?

Would the image you see be magnified and clear? It should work also with the still camera mode.

Anyone want to try it and post the results?
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Heh. I don't see why that wouldn't work if you set it up right...

I guess I just really want to see a picture of someone testing this in public to see what kind of looks you get haha.
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It does work. You can put the Droid lens up to a focused binocular and the droid will record the magnified scene fairly well. The hard part is holding the droid approx 1 inch from the lens and having it aligned so it is looking through the binocular.

The sweet spot is very small and takes a lot of fine hand coordination. It the binocular was mounted on a tripod, it would be easier. But it is still challenging. The best bet would be to tripod the droid and tripod the binocular. The problem with that is the droid and the binocular have to be approx 1 inch apart so maybe a tripod mount that holds the droid and the binocular on one mount.

I have video of this test but don't know how to post it here on youtube. Can anyone help me with that and I'll try to show you the video.