Video problem


Oct 28, 2009
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I took a video with my phone and stored it on the phone memory and not the SD card. It looks and sounds fine on my phone, but when I transferred it to my laptop I did not get any sound. When I play it on my laptop, either when mounted, or when transferred, it has no sound. Any ideas? Thank for any help you might give me.
If there's sound when you play it on your phone then it could be a codec problem with your pc. Try downloading VLC media player and try playing the file with that.
Video won't play sound

I downloaded VLC media player, opened the file with it and it still would not play it. The message was something like " file type SAMR not readable, unfortunately there is no fix for this ". I can play it on the phone in the camcorder icon or using act 1 video player. I am thinking of sending it to you tube to see if it can handle the file. Why would it play on my phone, but not on my computer, with or without VLC? Do I have my phone settings wrong? I changed the record to from phone to media card for all future recordings. Would recording it to the phones 8g be a problem? Thanks for any help I can get.
I had the same problem - video played fine on my pc, but no sound. Solution: It will play perfectly with Quicktime. Right click on the file and choose Quicktime as your player...

It worked!. I thought this was just some scam to get me to use Apple software. The VLC did not work, but the Quicktime did, why? My Windows 7 pc will only run HTC video on Apple software. Okee dokee, whatever.
Can anyone tell me if the flash works when using the video feature? There is a button for it on the screen but it doesnt turn thr flash on to video at night time?