Video Capture on the Droid


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Oct 20, 2009
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Here is a video shot of a passing train with the Android powered Motorola DROID for Verizon. Video is recorded at 720x480 pixels at 25fps. The quality of video from the DROID is very good in general, which is in contrast to the 5mp still photos it shoots. There was no processing done on this video prior to it being uploaded to YouTube.

[video=youtube;pK0-x_FsTXU]]YouTube - Sample Motorola DROID 720 x 480 video[/video]
Wow that really does look amazing. I can actually take decent video with a phone now, and don't have to carry around my camcorder to do small things.
Hopefully they get the camera picture quality ironed out ( maybe just software update? ) While the video function is nice, most have use for the camera more often then video.
This is the second video I have seen so far. Not to shabby for a cell phone camera.
Oh yea

This is the second video I have seen so far. Not to shabby for a cell phone camera.

Second one for me too. It works very well for a cell phone. I am sure they will get the camera corrected (if it need to be) with an update. Still i'm loving the excitment around here about all the coming Droid devices ;)
I think it looks great. You can tell they shot this using no tripod. I'm glad the video camera on the phone is of this quality. I can't understand the problem with the still pix though. Time will tell.
Using ud 8... went in video settings with root explorer changed the two settings.. one at 8000000 and the other one to 30... on screen video settings are d1 and HP 264..... video skips twice usually in 30 seconds....
any suggested settings for skip free video?
Can't get over the quality of that...anyone know if you can "pause it?"..haven't been able to get an "General Discussion".