vibrate only but sound when charging?


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Jul 30, 2010
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I just got a Droid X, moving from a Razr. (finally a smart phone with all the features I require). Anyway, I always keep my phone on vibrate because I keep it in my pocket and can feel it (mostly). But I got a media dock and put it next to the bed last night, and called it to see what it would do. No sound so I'll miss all calls unless it is in my pocket. :-(

Is there a mode, like the Razr has, to realize that if it is charging, it is likely not on your person at the time, and will make some beeping noise or the like? If not, shall we ask for it as a feature?

Thanks, John
I'd just like to get a beep when I plug it in, to let me know it is connected securely and charging. I know the little battery on the screen shows you that, but I need glasses on to see that. Just one good beep would let me know for sure. Any way to get that?