Verizon Vcast NHL App


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Jan 27, 2010
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If you figure this out, plz PM me.... I would love to have this so I don't miss any more Red Wings games (allthough, if they keep playing like they are... I won't have to worry about it long :( ). I tried to get a few online streaming sites to work on the phone with no success (example I don't know that any are set up for Android yet..... Bump for a great question!
Yea alls I can find is where to download it for blackberry, was gonna call VZ and ask them, but then thought, nah would be easier to just do nothing No but I looked for a while and had no luck..
yeah, I'm familiar with the tv stations and how to stream to PC... we're trying to find a way to watch in Droid glory....
Does anyone know how to get vcast on the droid? I'm trying to figure out how to get the hockey app to watch the nhl playoffs.. says here droid is compatible, but dont see it listed under verizon in market...

Entertainment and Apps from Verizon Wireless - V CAST Video on Demand

Couldn't find anything on Verizon's site that lists the Droid as V Cast compatible. The NHL site may be an option but I'm pretty sure there's a subscription fee.

Well if ya click that link in the first post it takes you to how to download, then if you click "Show all compatile phones" it lists the droid.

As for espn mobile, its $19.95 a night.